A safe space where families and professionals learn together

In the ‘Beschermjassenhuis’ (‘Protective Wraps House’) we receive families in a multi-ethnic and interdisciplinary team of professionals, to envelop them, provide safety and gather multiple perspectives on troublesome situations. The aim is to learn together. Why is this necessary? And how does it work in practice?

When a counselling process with a family feels ‘stuck’, the professional can invite the family to visit the Beschermjassenhuis together. The (often) one-time session starts with the formulation of a question by the professional, while the family and team are invited to search together for answers in order to bring the counselling process forward.

The family is warmly welcomed with food and flowers, and is then invited to elaborate on the question raised by the professional or to add a question of their own. While the Beschermjassenhuis facilitator draws the family’s genogram and lifelines, family stories and their meanings can unfold. The participants listen carefully, with love, attention and time to unravel details that are of importance to the family. The facilitator then invites the participants to reflect on what is being told, without judgement or the need to ‘solve’.

The Beschermjassenhuis is inspired by the philosophy of envelopment of the French transcultural psychiatrist Marie Rose Moro (website). Kitlyn and her DreamTeam welcome families and professionals in the Beschermjassenhuis to support them in difficult cases.

Are you interested in visiting the ‘Beschermjassenhuis’ with your family or with clients? Send us an email at info@beschermjassen.nl.
We work free of charge in case of (threats of) out-of-home placement of children. Available languages in the team are: English, Español, Tigrinya, Tamazight, Deutsch, Frysk, Nederlands, Vlaams, Français, Urdu, Hindi, Papiamento, Derija.

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