Video’s, literature and inspirations

Video’s with English subtitles

Here you can find eight short videos with English subtitles in which Kitlyn explains a few core concepts of the Protective Wraps model. She talks about how Beschermjassen was founded, the function of ‘disruptors’ in families, Rite-de-Passage and ‘layered’ transitional stages of life, authority structures in families, intercultural competencies, families as systems and how to guide transitions in organisations. Meet Kitlyn, her accessible speech and her perspectives while watching the videos.
In addition, watch this video in which Kitlyn elaborates on the method Beschermjassenhuis.


Title: Protective wraps, transcultural aid for families

January 2021

Authors: Kitlyn Tjin A Djie & Irene Zwaan

also available as ebook

Literature in Dutch

Bureau Beschermjassen published seven books in Dutch about the philosophy and practice of the Protective Wraps model, ranging from a guide to navigate your own family, culture and history (De Familieziel) to books about Protective Wraps in education (Beschermjassen op School), or how to create a space in which families and professionals enwrap themselves to empower themselves and learn together (Beschermjassen in de Praktijk).

Literature in other languages

Kitlyn, Irene and others published articles about the Protective Wraps model at national and international platforms in English, German and Spanish, of which you can find a list below.

  • Protective wraps for children offers a tool to work with children on exploring their own wraps.
  • Family is of vital importance | Authors: Kitlyn Tjin A Djie & Irene Zwaan | Lecture, held on the occasion of International Conference: Borobudur 2015 | March 2015
  • Rituals and protective wrapping in psychiatry | Authors: Dirck van Bekkum, Glenn O. Helberg, Kitlyn Tjin A Djie, Irene Zwaan | Translated from Dutch, original version published in: J. de Jong en S. Colijn (red.), Transculturele Psychiatrie en Psychotherapie, Utrecht: de Tijdstroom | 2010
  • Protective Wraps | Author: Kitlyn Tjin A Djie | Engelse versie van Beschermjassen | March 2003
  • Schützende Hüllen | Author: Kitlyn Tjin A Djie | Duitse versie van Beschermjassen | March 2003
  • Capas Protectoras | Author: Kitlyn Tjin A Djie | Spaanse versie van Beschermjassen | March 2003

Other inspirations

The work and philosophy of Bureau Beschermjassen is anchored in the work of other important people in the field of family therapy, cultural anthropology, gender and critical race studies, transcultural psychiatry, diversity management and social learning theory. Here you can find a list of these scholars (in Dutch).

The following of them have published their work also in English, French and Spanish:

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