Protective Wraps

‘Beschermjassen’ or ‘Protective Wraps’ is a model that creates space for diversity

It aims to contribute to security, continuity, intimacy and interconnectedness in social work, education, care, neighbourhoods and families. ‘Protective wrapping’ refers to the practice of offering people a sense of safety and belonging by embedding them in their strength and familial and cultural resources. It creates connection and offers a way to combat social exclusion by providing warmth and protection by enwrapping people with what is familiar to them and reminds them of home. This applies to in-company work relations as well as relations between professionals and clients, since the quality of the work environment often characterizes the work itself. The Protective Wraps model offers tools to address this mission successfully.

The Protective Wraps model consists of a theoretical and a practical component. The theoretical component addresses three important themes. These are diversity and mechanisms of in- and exclusion; transitional stages of life; and the functioning of family systems. The practical component covers three aspects. These are intercultural communication; tools such as genograms and lifelines; and the practice of ‘protective wrapping’.
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Kitlyn Tjin A Djie

Kitlyn Tjin A Djie, director, founded ‘Bureau Beschermjassen’ in 2011 together with Irene Zwaan. They worked respectively as transcultural-systemic family therapist and advisor on emancipation and diversity and had collaborated on two books. Kitlyn and Irene share an outrage at injustice in education and social work and a drive to advocate for the interests of marginalized groups and people.

A key aspect of Beschermjassen is the inclusion of multiple perspectives. In the Beschermjassen training programmes, Kitlyn collaborated with teachers Glenn Helberg (child psychiatrist), Dirck van Bekkum (anthropologist), Albert Meijerink (coaching expert) and Juan Walter (health expert), to make use of their rich and complementary backgrounds and expertise. Kitlyn’s DreamTeam consists of experienced trainers ranging in age, colour, gender, cultures, nationalities, languages, experiences and knowledge, with a joint aim to support and nurture themselves and work, learn and grow together with families and professionals.

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